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Accessing 9.1.0 data from 9.2

I plan to upgrade to 9i from The company we work with has 9.1.0 and we only need to upgrade up to what they have. However, I would rather go directly to than to upgrade to 9.1.0 (with patches) and then possibly upgrade again (with more patches) when the other company decides to upgrade. I would think I would be able to access the 9.1.0 data with no problem, but would rather ask the expert than to assume!

The data inside a 9.0.1 database is not stored any differently than the data inside a database. I'm a little unsure how you plan on accessing the data from the company that you work with. Will this be through a database link? If so, then your two databases can be on different versions. If this didn't answer your question, then please provide more details on how you plan to access the 9.0.1 data from a database.

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