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AFTER vs. BEFORE triggers

I have three tables. Let's name them as table A,B,C. I have written a before insert trigger on A (input table) which will do some validations and enter the date in B (temp table). Also, I have a before insert trigger on B that will do some processing and insert data in the output table C (output table). It's working fine, but now I want to implement a funactionality like this: after data is inserted in the output table C, its corresponding data has to be deleted from the input table A. How do we implement this concept?
So you insert into A, trigger inserts into B, trigger inserts into C and you want a trigger that will delete from A again. It gets pretty circular and this is the type of thing that leads to a mutating trigger. But this isn't so hard to do in your case. All you have to do is change your trigger on table A to an AFTER trigger, not a BEFORE trigger. That way, the row is there to be deleted.

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