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A beginner's guide to Oracle, particularly SAN setup

I'm looking for a good beginners guide to Oracle, particularly in SAN setup and log shipping. I work in a storage support team, and our client is in the process of setting up an Oracle Financials system, in a TRu64 cluster environment attached to a storageworks/HSG80 SAN. They want to do log shipping on top of the cluster setup, so I'm looking for some guidelines as to what's involved and why the cluster setup isn't enough of a security. They're actually proposing log shipping to a server in the same cabinet!

A beginners guide to Oracle and a beginners guide to Oracle on SANs require much different skill sets. For a beginners guide to Oracle, please refer to the Oracle 8i Concepts Guide and Oracle 8i Administrator's Guide. You can get copies of these on an Oracle Web site (http://tahiti.oracle.com).

As for Oracle on SAN's, the best white paper I've seen can be found at http://miracleas.dk/DBF/Morle/Sane_SAN_WP.pdf.

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