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9i and 32-bit AIX

In a recent a expert response, you wrote, "I've been working with 9i 32-bit AIX for quite some time now and it's also listed in the support/certification matrix provided by Oracle." I wonder where you got your 32-bit version for AIX. As I understand it, there is no 32-bit version for AIX. I even ask Oracle customer support and they confirm that the only version that exists for AIX is 64 bit. Also, I cannot find any information about Oracle9i 32-bit for AIX in the matrix certification provided by Oracle. Can you send me this certification matrix? Also, Brian Peasland seems to confirm that with Oracle 9i for AIX, we need a 64-bit server. Is this wrong?
Oracle9i 64-bit can be put on a 32-bit OS. That is the platform and install scenario I was referring to. Sorry if my wording made it sound different. I should have written it as "9i and 32-bit AIX".

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