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8i instance not automatically started

I have Oracle8i (8.1.7) on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server on a Pentium IV.

The problem is that the instance is not automatically started with the service. I have checked at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREORACLEHOME0 ORA_SID_AUTOSTART = TRUE
ORA_SID_PFILE = correct path to the file

But when I start the service it doesn't start the instance, I have to do it manually, using the same file. And there is no problem.
There is no one answer that will give you a resolution to your problem. You'll have to find out *why* your instance is not starting. Have you looked at your server's Event Viewer to see if there are any error messages? Have you looked at the Alert Log to see if the instance attempts to start, but fails? Any error messages in these locations should be a good indicator to your problem. I'm assuming that you have the service set to Automatically start as well. You might want to delete the service and recreate it with the ORADIM utility. Make sure that the service is created with the correct PFILE. Finally, make sure that the service is running under the correct user as outlined in the Oracle documentation for the Windows platform. Hopefully, these hints help you out.

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