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10g login connectivity problem

My problem with Oracle10g is connectivity at login after the database is installed. I put in the regular passwords of sys and system and it will not connect. At the start, 10g suggests putting in your own passwords and I did but it will not open. I do like the idea of grid computing though, and I may have been the first promoter as way back in 1975 at PSE&G, New Jersey. Now it's here and I cannot connect with 10g. Could you tell me what am I doing wrong?
I don't think there's enough information here to know what your specific problem might be, but I've installed 10g on Solaris, Linux and Windows, and had no problems connecting immediately after installation. Here are some questions that might point you to the root cause of the problem:

1. Is there a listener running (if you connecting from another host)?

2. If you're on the same host, are you setting the ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME variables properly?

3. Have you reviewed the alert log of the 10g instance after it started up to determine if the startup was error-free? You mentioned that it will not open, but there has to be some error reported in the alert log if that's the case -- investigate that error.

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