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10g and the grid

Can you tell me more about Oracle10g?
Oracle10g is Oracle Corp's newest RDBMS server. Currently, Oracle is supporting Oracle8i and Oracle9i. These are different versions and the 'i' was a marketing term to denote that the database is "Internet-ready." Oracle10g is the next version in the chain and will eventually replace your 8i and 9i databases. Each successive version introduces many new features.

Oracle Corp recently announced the release of 10g at its annual OracleWorld conference just a few weeks ago in San Francisco. Oracle is touting the 'g' in 10g as the "grid" database. A grid database is a system that can leverage the computing resources of a grid. A grid is many different servers, each with their own memory, CPUs and other resources. The idea is to use resources on an under-used server to provide more computing resources to the database. So far, few specifics have been announced so we'll have to wait and see how well Oracle10g lives up to the grid promises. 10g should be released near the end of 2003 or in early 2004.

For more information on Oracle10g, please search for "10g" and/or "OracleWorld" on SearchOracle.com.

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