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Oracle improves hybrid cloud database management

Oracle updates its Enterprise Manager platform to version 13.4, bringing new hybrid management capabilities to database users across on-premises and cloud deployments.


Retailers get a raft of new customer experience tools

Retailers get new tools from leading customer experience platform vendors to better compete with online-only rivals.


Oracle eyes developers for OCI growth

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure isn't just about IaaS, but all levels of the cloud. That's the message Oracle SVP Steve Daheb gave in this Q&A, along with the IT giant's 2020 plans.


Will businesses ever get beyond pricey ERP mega-suites?

Big suites from SAP and Oracle showed how ERP could run an entire business. The same complexity that led to lawsuits and cost overruns now makes the move to cloud challenging.

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  • Oracle Java and J2EE

    Supreme Court sides with Google in Oracle API copyright suit

    The Supreme Court ruled 6-2 that Java APIs used in Android phones are not subject to American copyright law, ending a longstanding legal battle between Google and Oracle.

  • Oracle applications

    Oracle co-CEO Hurd dies at 62

    Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd's abrupt death at 62 has put the software giant in the position of naming his replacement, and the decision could go one of a few ways, analysts say.

  • Oracle cloud computing infrastructure

    Oracle app dev EVP looks back at Fusion and ahead

    Steve Miranda discusses lessons learned from Oracle Fusion Applications, SaaS, best-of-breed apps vs. suites and Oracle's application acquisition strategy.


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