Oracle grid computing

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  • Grid Control and Oracle 10g on one Linux server or two?

    I have two HP-UX Servers, one with Grid Control and one with an Oracle 10g database. I am going to migrate them to Linux. Is it wise to put both on one new system, or better to keep them on two separate servers? 

  • Does Oracle grid rely on RAC?

    Does Oracle grid computing rely on Real Application Clusters (RAC)? 

  • Upgrade to Release 5 Grid Control on Linux or Unix

    I am having issues with my Grid Control server and want to upgrade to Release 5 Grid Control. Do you recommend first installing Release 1 on the new systems or upgrading to Release 2 and then migrating the data? 

  • Using Oracle 9i with Oracle 10g Grid Control

    We are working on installing OEM 10g Grid Control to monitor Oracle 9i databases but I've heard there are problems with this. What do you recommend? 

  • Steps for installing Grid Control and 10gR2 software

    Could you tell me the steps for installations of Grid Control, Management Agent, 10gR2 software and upgrade? 

  • Setup for 10g Grid at home-based lab

    I want to prepare Oracle 10g Grid (RAC) at a home-based lab. Which OS, Linux, Unix or Windows, should I use? What else should I purchase to start my lab? 

  • Grid or RAC?

    Which is better, RAC or 10g Grid? When to use both or either of these? What are the steps to install 10g Grid? Does it require a special license? 

  • What is a cluster? What is RAC?

    What is a cluster and what is a RAC environment? 

  • Difference between cluster and grid

    What is the difference between a cluster and a grid? Is it a conceptual difference or a technical difference? 

  • How much better is 10gR2 in grid computing?

    I read the post on May 12, 2004, with the title "Grid Computing and Oracle 10g." You mentioned that Oracle 10g release 1 isn't quite there yet. Now, 10gR2 is much better than R1 in grid technology. Could you please explain how much better Oracle 10g ... 

  • concurrent processing

    Concurrent processing is a computing model in which multiple processors execute instructions simultaneously for better performance. 

  • distributed database

    A distributed database is a database in which portions of the database are stored on multiple computers within a network. 

About Oracle grid computing

Learn more about Oracle's grid computing initiative, a technology that employs the parallel processing power of multiple networked computers and services to improve availability and scalability. Read news, analysis and tips about Oracle Grid Control and related products in this section.