Oracle database installation, upgrades and patches

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  • Where to find Oracle local security policy

    I cannot find the local security policy ANYWHERE in my control panel on my machine running Windows XP Home Edition. 

  • Home for Oracle Application Server software

    I want to install Oracle Application Server 10g on Linux. What is the recommended home for the Oracle software, and for the database? 

  • Oracle Universal Installer requires Oracle user

    I need to install an Oracle Management System (Oracle Enterprise Manager) on a Solaris system with an operating system user different that Oracle (oramaster). When I begin the installation, the Universal Installer requires the Oracle user. How to av... 

  • Upgrade Oracle 8 on Solaris 8 to 10g on Solaris 10

    We are migrating and upgrading our Oracle database on Solaris 8 (64-bit) to a completely new location. The OS will be Solaris 10. The database will be upgraded to What would be the best approach to do that? 

  • Transfer data from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g

    How to transfer data (tables, indexes, etc.) from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g? 

  • How to configure test database for archiving

    I have configured my test database for archiving. I enabled all the features necessary for archiving, but when I try to test it, it shows me the status as failed. 

  • Migrate Oracle 8i from one server to another

    I want to know the steps to carry out the migration from one Oracle server to another server (same environment). My database is Oracle 8i on Windows 2000. 

  • Patch to upgrade to Oracle

    I installed Oracle client on Sun Solaris 5.9. Is there any patch to upgrade this to 

  • javaw.exe file not found on Oracle Client 9i install

    I am trying to install Oracle Client 9i on a Windows 2003 server. When I run the setup.exe file it gives me an error about the javaw.exe file not being found. We correct that and do not get an error but the client still will not install. 

  • How to manually install Oracle

    I am getting an error like "DIM-00019: create service error." Can you please let me know how to create and start the service manually?