Oracle database installation, upgrades and patches

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  • Oracle 10g fails to create and start Oracle instance

    When I try to install Oracle 10g, in the "creating and starting Oracle instance" stage, an empty menu appears and this phase fails to install. What's the problem? 

  • Decrypt stored password in Oracle

    How can I decrypt the stored password in Oracle stored in all_users so that I can recover my password any time? 

  • iSQL*Plus won't run on Oracle 9i

    I successfully installed Oracle 9i on my home machine. But when I try to run iSQL*Plus I get the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." 

  • Move Oracle home to another partition

    Is it possible to move an Oracle home on Solaris 8 from one partition to another, or is it possible to move an Oracle home to another partition and create a softlink for it in the old partition? 

  • Critical Patch Update for CRS home

    Why doesn't the Oracle white paper on Critical Patch Updates address any CRS maintenance needs? 

  • ORA-12535 error connecting to local database through VPN

    I have installed Oracle on my local computer. When I try to connect to the installed local database, I get an error: "ORA-12535:TNS operation timed out." 

  • Using multiple Oracle homes to apply a patch

    How do you use Oracle Enterprise Manager without a database or does this require Opatch from the command line? 

  • Home for Oracle Application Server software

    I want to install Oracle Application Server 10g on Linux. What is the recommended home for the Oracle software, and for the database? 

  • Oracle Universal Installer requires Oracle user

    I need to install an Oracle Management System (Oracle Enterprise Manager) on a Solaris system with an operating system user different that Oracle (oramaster). When I begin the installation, the Universal Installer requires the Oracle user. How to av... 

  • ORA-12541 after Oracle 10g Client re-install

    I'm getting "ORA-12541:TNS:no listener" when trying to connect to Oracle in Visual Studio 2005 / SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. This was not happening until I recently did a re-install of Oracle 10g Client / ODP.Net (via OUI).