Oracle database installation, upgrades and patches

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  • Problems connecting to iSQL*PLUS

    When I click on TARGETS|DATABASES|TESTDB|ISQL*PLUS I get the following error message: "HTTP 404 NOT FOUND." 

  • Tools to manage multiple Oracle 10g databases

    Can you please help me identify an approach to manage multiple Oracle 10g databases? What tools are needed? 

  • Are Oracle 10g and VB 6.0 compatible?

    I need to do an upgrade from Oracle 8i to 10g. Currently, the 8i database interfaces with VB 6.0. I'm wondering whether 10g and VB 6.0 are compatible. 

  • Migrate Oracle 9i data on Sun to 10g on Windows

    I need to migrate only data from a Sun machine with Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g on a Windows 2003 Server environment. 

  • ORA-01103 error during Oracle 10g startup

    I am installing Oracle 10g on Red Hat Linux. During startup I am getting the following error: "ORA-01103: database name 'SEEDDATA' in control file is not 'ORADB.'" 

  • Connect to Oracle 9i through client

    I have Oracle 9i Client and Oracle 10g Client on my machine. When I tried to connect to Oracle 9i through SQL*Plus on my machine, it directly connects to Oracle 10g. 

  • Using redo logs to restore to point of failure

    I am migrating from Oracle 8i to 9i. The server will be backed up nightly, but the database will only be backed up on a biweekly basis. If we encounter a failure, I intend to use the archive logs to recover. Do I also need to apply the redo logs in ... 

  • Upgrade Oracle database to Oracle on AIX

    I am planning to upgrade Oracle database to Oracle on AIX 5L system. Please let me know the best way to do this. 

  • TNS listener components not working after upgrade

    We have old software on Windows NT working with Oracle 7. I have exported from Oracle 7 and imported to Oracle 8, and some of the components of the software are working normally but the components that belong to TNS listener service are not running. 

  • How many database instances can be created?

    How many database instances can be created on an Oracle server with an installation drive containing 15 GB free space?