Oracle database installation, upgrades and patches

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  • Errors after installing Oracle 8.1.7 release 3 patch

    I just installed the Oracle 8.1.7 release 3 patch on Windows 2000 and I can no longer get Oracle to run. I am getting "ORA-02034: Oracle Not available," and the OraDim.log has "ORA-01078: Failure in processing sys parameters" and "ORA-12638: Crediten... 

  • "Failure when initializing OCR"

    I am installing Oracle 10g on MS Windows 2003 Server. During the installation I get the following error: "Failure when initializing OCR." Next, the error: "Install program cannot initialize service OracleCSService." I select "retry" and the installat... 

  • Oracle listener affected by new Service Pack 2

    I'm on Windows XP and I just upgraded to a new Service Pack 2. It seemed to affect my Oracle Listener. I get ORA-12541 errors now when I try to connect, no matter how I try to connect. This was not happening before and my TNSNAMES.ORA and LISTENER... 

  • Cross-platform migration of 1 TB database

    We are migrating an Oracle9i database from IBM AIX5.1/5.2 to IBM AIX 5.3. The size of our database is 1 TB. What are the basic steps that we need to follow for migration as this is a cross-platform migration? 

  • Configuring iSQL*Plus to run SQL through Internet Explorer

    How to configure the iSQL*Plus environment in Oracle9i on a standalone machine with Windows 2000 Advanced Server so that we can run SQL through Internet Explorer and access the database? 

  • Best Windows OS for Oracle8i

    Can I install Oracle 8i on Windows XP Professional? If yes, then what are the minimum requriements needed (for a home PC)? What are the steps for installation? Which is the best OS for Oracle8i, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional or W... 

  • Upgrading to Solaris 10 and Oracle 10g

    Currently we are using Oracle 9i EE on Solaris 8 and it has been almost five years. Now we are planning to change the server to Solaris 10 and Oracle 10g SE. How do I migrate my data to the new server? 

  • Upgrading from 7.3.4 to 9i with PowerBuilder

    I am upgrading an Oracle 7.3.4 database to Oracle9i. I have many systems using PowerBuilder v7 and Developer 2000 to communicate with this database. What kind of issues do I have to look into when planning out this upgrade? 

  • Resolving native service internal error in 9i

    While connecting to the Oracle 9i database server using Oracle 9i client, I'm encountering the following error: "ORA-12699: Native Service Internal Error." How do I resolve this error? 

  • Can only connect as scott/tiger

    I recently installed Oracle 9.2 on my system but am having some problems. I can't connect to the database as sys/change_on_install or system/manager. However I am able to connect as scott/tiger. I want to be able to use the sample schemas such as the...