Oracle database installation, upgrades and patches

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  • ORACLE_HOME environment with 9i and 10g on same machine

    I have Oracle 10g installed on Windows 2003. I'm now going to install Oracle 9i on the same machine. What should I do with the ORACLE_HOME environment for 9i? 

  • Receiving ORA-12560 errors after installing Oracle 8.1.7

    I am receiving ORA-12560 errors after installing Oracle 8.1.7 Release 3 on a W2K SP4 platform with two dual-core Intel 5160 processors. 

  • How to install Oracle 10gR2

    How to install Oracle 10gR2 RDBMS? 

  • Impact on memory for upgrade to Oracle 10g

    I am looking for information regarding upgrading to Oracle 10g from Oracle 9i. We plan to keep the infrastructure constant (HP-UX), but would like to know the impact this would have in terms of memory utilization. 

  • Cannot access the RuInstaller file after installing Oracle 10g

    I have a problem when I try to install Oracle 10g on HP-UX. When I've already mounted the CD-DVD unit, it seems that the device cannot access the RuInstaller file. 

  • Installation stops while "executing pre-requisites"

    I'm trying to install Oracle Database on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server. But the installation invariably stops while "executing pre-requisites." It says 31% when I use the D: drive and 48% when I use the C: drive for the Oracle home. Any idea... 

  • Memory segment not released at shutdown

    On shutting down an Oracle instance on Sun Solaris 5.9 Sun-Fire-F15 server, the memory segment was not released, preventing the instance from being restarted. We needed to manually delete the memory segment before the instance would start up... 

  • Order of Oracle migration and upgrade

    I am getting ready to purchase a new server that will have the Windows 2003 OS and will need to migrate our Oracle 8i database as well as upgrage to 10g. Can you recommend which order I should perform the upgrade/migration? 

  • Problems updating CLOB data after applying patch

    I recently inherited an Oracle database that was patched to from last summer. After the last patch was installed it appears that our developers are having problems with CLOB data being updated. 

  • Retrieving database records from backup files

    We reinstalled the operating system in our system and took a backup of all database files of the old database (control, redolog, dbf), and now I have installed Oracle again in our system. Kindly tell me how I retrieve the records from the backup fil...