Oracle data management and business intelligence (BI)

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  • In-memory databases: The golden ticket to deeper analyses?

    Historically, in-memory databases have been seen as a niche technology. As in-memory processing becomes less expensive and more mainstream, however, potential uses are expanding. And, with the promise of deeper data analysis -- and, better business benefits -- IT professionals' ears are pricking up. Still, for many organizations it's going to be a matter of if, and not when, to proceed with implementation.

    To that end, SearchDataManagement editors have compiled a three-part guide to in-memory database trends, serving up expert advice on evaluating, deploying and managing the technology. Readers can expect an in-depth look at whether in-memory appliances such as SAP's HANA and Oracle's Exalytics devices are changing the nature of what in-memory database technology can be used for. Next, News and Site Editor Jack Vaughan offers a rundown of the kinds of applications that are a good fit for in-memory databases, with tips on how to decide if the technology is right for your organization. We close with key insight into the capabilities and potential uses of new in-memory options being released for mainstream relational databases.

  • Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

    The Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is an in-memory relational database in which all data is located in random access memory (RAM).

  • Oracle and big data architecture: Floyd Teter weighs in

    An expert discusses Oracle and big data architecture, and how Endeca figures into the equation.

  • Oracle and big data: Finding pearls in the sea of sand

    In a video from OpenWorld 2013, see how one company uses Oracle and big data tools to analyze customer data and build brand loyalty for its clients.

  • Data warehouse concepts help build strong application architecture

    At Oracle OpenWorld 2013, ODI expert Gurcan Orhan is set to explain how data warehouse concepts help prepare development, testing and ops teams.

  • OpenWorld and JavaOne 2013 conference coverage

    Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2013 took place Sept. 22-26 in San Francisco. You'll find our full coverage of the conferences on this special-report page.

  • Rich Niemiec on Oracle database 12c, database security and Larry's law

    We caught up with Rich Niemiec at Collaborate 13. Listen to his observations on such topics as Oracle database 12c and more.

  • Hadoop for big data requires IT-wide teams, like Oracle Exadata

    Oracle Exadata forces IT silos to talk to one another, and Hadoop big data projects will do the same.

  • Oracle Exadata: Is it right for you?

    Listen to our conversation about Oracle Exadata, 'big data' and the new Exadata with Oracle ACE Christo Kutrovsky at OpenWorld.

  • Oracle's integration tools for real-time data

    Oracle GoldenGate, Data Integrator and Data Profiling are all tools that can be used for real-time data integration in Oracle environments.

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