Oracle business intelligence and analytics

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  • Oracle analytics: Real time isn’t for everyone

    Gaining business insights from company data is no longer just something on the organizational wish list; it's a must-have. But that doesn't mean it's free. Oracle shops starting up business analytics projects must take heed and determine what informa... 

  • How to evaluate data warehouse appliances

    This e-book provides detailed expert advice on how to evaluate, select and prepare your organization for a data warehouse appliance. Find out about the best data warehouse appliances on the market and how to utilize them to ensure success. 

  • Five technology trends for improved business intelligence performance

    In this e-book, data warehousing and BI expert Rick Sherman explains how you can take advantage of BI trends to ensure that you get the right information to the right people at the right times, so they can make the best possible decisions. Discover t... 

  • Understanding in-database analytics technology: Benefits, use cases and ROI

    Learn all about in-database technology in this e-book, designed to give you a complete overview of the technology and how it can be leveraged successfully. Read on to learn why more companies are choosing to leverage this new technology -- and learn ... 

  • virtual (federated) database

    A virtual database, also called a federated database, is a system in which several databases appear to function as a single entity. 

  • bioinformatics

    Bioinformatics is the science of developing computer databases and algorithms for the purpose of speeding up and enhancing biological research. 

About Oracle business intelligence and analytics

Oracle's BI product line, which now includes Hyperion, PeopleSoft and Siebel technologies, is complex and ever-changing. You'll find answers to your Oracle business intelligence (BI) and analytics questions in this section.