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  • Oracle or SQL Server for developing social networking site?

    I am developing a social networking Web site and expext high traffic on the database. Which is a better option, Oracle or MS SQL Server? 

  • What is SOA?

    What is SOA and what are its benefits? 

  • Calling Web service from Oracle vs. .Net

    What are the advantages of calling a Web service from Oracle rather than from .Net? Are there any performance benefits? 

  • Using PL/SQL to access a Web service

    Can you use Oracle 10g PL/SQL to access another Web service (could be a .NET Web service or other). 

  • Parsing, converting and loading image with XML

    I have to parse an image from XML. The image is in base64 encoded form. I have to parse the image, convert it to binary and load it in a blob in an Oracle database. 

  • Replication between RACs

    Is it possible to establish replication between two RACs? 

  • Hiding objects in a schema

    Is it possible that we can hide some objects in a particular schema, so that users can't see them or I have control in some way that if users can see they can't do anything to them? 

  • Implementing a Web service in Oracle 10g

    I have three days to begin implementing a Web service using Oracle 10g and an external API for the purpose of looking up geographic specific information and have never used Oracle in a Web service. Please point me to the appropriate resources. 

  • Developing a parser for recognizing HTML tags

    In my current project, I need to develop a parser for my language. It is actually not a language, but I am working on a project for which I have my own HTML tags and all my work will be based on those tags. Now, I need to find out if it is possible... 

  • Making a test copy of a database

    I want to make a copy of my Oracle 9i database on the same machine for test purposes. Can you tell me the steps to do that? 

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  • DSML (Directory Services Markup Language)

    DSML (Directory Services Markup Language) is an application of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) that enables different computer network directory formats to be expressed in a common format and shared by different directory systems. 

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