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  • What is SOA?

    What is SOA and what are its benefits? 

  • Using PL/SQL to access a Web service

    Can you use Oracle 10g PL/SQL to access another Web service (could be a .NET Web service or other). 

  • Keeping data recovery site active

    My current environment is 9i release 2 on AIX 5.3. I have an OLTP database with heavy trans rate, average 300 transactions per sec. The application type is online banking, responsible for buying and selling stocks online to thousands of users via th... 

  • Implementing a Web service in Oracle 10g

    I have three days to begin implementing a Web service using Oracle 10g and an external API for the purpose of looking up geographic specific information and have never used Oracle in a Web service. Please point me to the appropriate resources. 

  • Data replication in 10g

    How does Oracle 10g help with data replication in a distributed relational database architecture? 

  • Modifying the interface between two databases

    I have an interface between two Oracle databases in which I update info from third-party systems. One of the databases supports E-Business Suite and the other is a legacy system. How can I modify or change the interface to maintain and synchronize bo... 

  • Insert process running during hot backup mode

    Scenario: BCV backup is taken by putting tablespaces into hot backup mode, but during this period of time an insert process is run using the nologging option. Can I open the database at the point in time just after the BCV backup finishes and be able... 

  • Applying SOA to a large amount of data

    My question is about performance when we are talking about a large amount of data. Can SOA be applied? 

  • Making a test copy of a database

    I want to make a copy of my Oracle 9i database on the same machine for test purposes. Can you tell me the steps to do that? 

  • Databases for SOA integration

    Would you please tell me what you use for your SOA integration? 

About Oracle SOA

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