Oracle competition guide

Oracle competition guide

The Oracle ecosphere is a big place, and there are plenty of vendors who want to be part of it. The multibillion-dollar company seemingly has its fingers fiddling in every facet of IT, from hardware to databases to middleware to applications. As a result, Oracle competitors and third-party Oracle vendors have opportunities to cash in as well. This guide gives you one spot for news and features around Oracle competition, the Oracle ecosphere and Oracle third-party companies.

Table of contents:

Oracle third-party tools

Read the latest news, features and analysis on how organizations are leveraging third-party tools and products to improve their Oracle Database and application performance.

Build your own Exadata using a third-party tool

Quest and Toad, a popular Oracle third-party tool, is now part of Dell

Quest recently updated Toad with version 11

Get the most out of Toad

A rundown of Toad version 10

Check out third-party RMAN tools

Oracle Audit Vault has third-party database compatibility

Oracle Database development with Visual Studio

Faceoffs with Oracle competitors

Oracle isn't the only company selling database, middleware and applications. See how Oracle products stack up against the competition in this point-counterpoint faceoff series.

Oracle Database vs. SQL Server: Oracle wins

Oracle Database vs. SQL Server: Nope, SQL Server does

Oracle Exalytics vs. SAP HANA: Oracle the better appliance

Oracle Exalytics vs. SAP HANA: HANA is really in-memory

Oracle Siebel vs. Salesforce: Siebel more versatile

Oracle Siebel vs. Salesforce: Salesforce is the future of CRM

Third-party Oracle support

Oracle Support has drawn a lot of ire from some end users, and so they have looked elsewhere to get technical support for products that are no longer within Oracle's support window.

Oracle third-party support has pluses and minuses

Third-party support is growing in popularity

Cost savings is bringing some to third-party support

The Oracle vs. Rimini Street lawsuit

Rimini Street third-party support includes E-Business Suite

Oracle sues CedarCrestone, another support company