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Published: 07 Aug 2013

In the press conference last week, where CEOs Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff elaborated on the recently announced Oracle-Salesforce partnership, one IT journalist piped up with a question. Mark Fontecchio From his tone of voice, I think he was wearing the "sad clown" face. The journalist asked if the nine-year deal between the two IT giants -- which encompasses everything from big iron to cloud apps -- means the end of jabs between the two. You see, most IT journalists revel in public feuds like the years-long battle between Ellison and Benioff. It gives us something to tweet about. It takes our mind off duller (though more important) subjects such as server specs and application user interface upgrades. But for enterprise end users, feuds usually aren't helpful. Most users run applications, middleware and hardware from a variety of vendors and would rather have all the pieces talk to each other nicely. You know the words: integration, interoperability. Whatever you call it, such cooperation becomes less likely when tech company leaders are telling the IT ... Access >>>

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