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Exploring middleware technologies and Oracle Fusion tools

Get tips for evaluating middleware options, preparing to implement Oracle Fusion Middleware and integrating non-Oracle applications with Oracle systems in this guide.

As businesses increasingly push to respond to business events faster than ever, implementing real-time data integration is an important part of maintaining a competitive edge. Using IT systems in the most efficient way possible often requires adoption of middleware to unite disparate system components. Oracle's Fusion Middleware, while appealing, can also be difficult to implement in-house. Administrators must have knowledge of Fusion, service-oriented architecture (SOA), business process management (BPM) and other technologies to make in-house adoption successful. There are open source middleware options as well, though these may not be the right choice for every company.

Integrating non-Oracle applications with Oracle applications poses additional challenges, yet this may be the best option for some businesses. DBAs and IT directors must set appropriate expectations for integration project plans, whichever systems are involved.

This guide provides expert advice for evaluating middleware technologies, preparing for middleware implementation and facilitating data integration projects.

Adopting middleware

1. Insights into Oracle Fusion Middleware adoption

Much preparation is needed prior to implementing middleware technologies. Read the articles in this section for news and tips on how to evaluate whether Oracle Fusion Middleware is right for your business.


2. Experts discuss middleware technologies and Oracle applications

In this section, experts James Strachan, Adam Messinger and Floyd Teter delve into middleware topics, offering helpful insights and tips.

Systems integration

3. Oracle application integration tips and tools

While the outcomes of data integration are promising, carefully preparing for the integration process is essential to success. The articles in this section address all aspects of application integration, from real-time integration tools and best practices to recommendations for setting realistic expectations and addressing challenges of integrating non-Oracle applications with Oracle systems.


4. Definitions of middleware technology terms

Check out the terms in this glossary to enhance your understanding of the articles in this guide.