• November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Updating changes to DB objects with new releases

    We are developing a large application base on PL/SQL. We often have to change DB objects. The biggest trouble comes with every new release. To enhance our application we have to know about the latest state of all DB objects. To find this out, we ...  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Operation hanging during installation

    I am trying to install on Windows 2003. It succesfully installed Oracle and performed the Net Configuration. When it creates the database through DBCA and goes to option COMPLETING DATABASE CREATE and tries to "clone the database," the ...  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    DIM error during 10g installation

    While installing Oracle 10g on Windows 2003 Server (standard edition) I am getting an error, "DIM 00019." What could be the solution for that?  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Help wrapping data in Windows 2000

    SQL*Plus and Windows 2000 do not seem to be compatible, for WRAP. When I go into the environmental settings and play around with everything (buffer, line size, page size), I either get the data truncated to the right, leaving off columns, or I get ...  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Capturing change in every column in every table

    We have a scenario where I need to capture change in every column of every table in my database. Kindly suggest the pros and cons of the available alternatives, and the process of retrieving the old and new data when required as per the ...  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Which IMP messages are warnings and which are errors?

    How can you differentiate in Oracle 9i between import messages (IMP-nnnnn) that are warnings and the ones the are error messages? For example, in case of IMP-00015 the import will terminate successfully with warnings, but in case of IMP-00022 or ...  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Can I reset the SYS password?

    I am using Windows XP and I have Oracle 9i installed on it. I can't get into Oracle using the SYS account. It either tells me 'you are no longer connected to Oracle' or 'you have no sufficient privileges' when I log on as SYSDBA. Is there a way ...  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Creating a query to hit an index

    I have a few doubts about index creations. I have a table called PLANTEST. Now I have created two non-unique indexes, for both the columns separately. But when I execute the below query, the system is not hitting the index. Can you please tell me ...  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    How is the bitmap index stored?

    Can you tell me how the bitmap index is stored? Basically I want to know the way it is stored inside the database and, during retrieval, how it is used to retrieve rows based on that.  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Are column headers exported along with data?

    I am new to Oracle and have one simple question regarding data export. Will the column headers be exported along with the data?  Continue Reading