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User manipulated data in hot backup mode

My tablespace was in hot backup mode. At the same time a user manipulated some rows in that tablespace; where will the manipulated data be stored?

My tablespace is in hot backup mode. At the same time another user manipulated some rows in that tablespace; where will the manipulated data be stored, and why are redo logs generated?
The changes will be found in the redo logs (online or archived). You may even see the changes in the tablespace's datafiles if a checkpoint occurred in the middle of the tablespace's backup. Oracle's transaction control mechanisms keep everything in place.

During normal operating mode, only the specific changes are written to the online redo logs. However, when the...

tablespace is being backed up, it is possible for the database block to be modified while it is being backed up. This means that part of the block will be "new" and part of the block will be "old" in your backup copy. This is called a split block. To help with this split block issue, Oracle writes the entire block (not just the part that was changed) to the online redo logs when the tablespace is in BACKUP mode.

This was last published in February 2007

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