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Transportable tablespaces for Oracle on Linux upgrade

Transportable tablespaces for Oracle on Linux upgrade

By  Maria Anderson, Production DBA, Autodesk

The goal is to migrate Oracle 9i ( EE) on Red Hat Advanced Linux 2.1 to Oracle 10g R2 (EE) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4. I have read a number of documents but since we are upgrading our operating system we would like to do a fresh install of Linux and OCFS2, thus my question is, can I use transportable tablespaces to move my data to the new server that we are building?
You should be able to use transportable tablespaces to migrate your database from Oracle 9i to 10gR2. There are, of course, some limitations:
  • The compatible parameter must be set to at least 8.1 in both the source and target databases.
  • You must be using Enterprise Edition to generate a transportable tablespace set (which you are).
  • The source and target databases must have the same character set and national character set.
  • The tablespaces you wish to transport must be self-contained tablespaces. Use the DBMS_TTS.TRANSPORT_SET_CHECK procedure to check whether this is true.
For additional information on transportable tablespaces, the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) Administrator's Guide is a good reference.

23 Apr 2007