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Taking a hot backup on Linux

Taking a hot backup on Linux

By  Brian Peasland, Database Administrator, SGT, Inc.

What steps do I need to take for a hot backup of an Oracle 9i database running on Linux?
I would use RMAN to perform a hot backup of my Oracle database. Startup RMAN at the command line prompt similar to the following:
rman target / as sysdba
Once connected to RMAN run the following script:
run {
allocate channel t1 type disk format '/directory/%d_FULL_%U'; 
backup database; backup current controlfile; release channel t1; }
There are many, many options available to you with RMAN. I strongly recommend reading the Recovery Manager documentation so that you understand how to use RMAN for both backup and recovery. In addition, you should test various recovery scenarios.

22 Sep 2005