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Recommendations for platform and clustering solution

We are in the process of installing a new Oracle database for a company that consists of 6,000 employees. We need advice on choosing a platform (Linux or Windows). Also is there any recommendation for a clustering solution?
Normally, I would recommend choosing the platform your system administrators have the most familiarity with. If you are a Windows shop, then use Windows. If you are a Unix and/or Linux shop, then choose Linux. The reason is that you want to leverage your existing expertise if possible. Why send a SysAdmin to Windows training if all of your admins only know Unix and there will be only one server running Windows? Some shops are very familiar with both, in which case they have the luxury of looking at other requirements.

You are also looking at a clustering solution. There is only one supported clustering solution for Oracle. This product is called Oracle's Real Application Clusters (RAC). With RAC, multiple nodes in the cluster can access the same data for high availability and high performance. If I were to implement RAC, I would tend to choose Linux over Windows. Oracle spends much more time developing their software for Linux than they do for Windows. And you will find more help with RAC on Linux than RAC on Windows.

13 Oct 2006