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ORA-06550 error produced from function within package

I have this function within a package that keeps on producing the error:

ORA-06550: line 1, column 217:nPLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "end-of-file" when expecting one of the following:nn begin case declare end exception exit for goto if loop modn null pragma raise"...

Here is the source code:

FUNCTION add_card_server_slots(cards_id NUMBER,
                                server_slot_id NUMBER,

                                server_slot_ver NUMBER,
                                server_page_ver NUMBER,
                                server_page_name VARCHAR2,
                                server_conds_id IN my_numeric_table) 

RETURN NUMBER IS csslots_id_assigned NUMBER; new_server_id NUMBER; len
NUMBER(8) := 0; s_conds_id VARCHAR2(100);
CURSOR csslots_assigned_cur IS
         SELECT id FROM card_server_slots WHERE card_id=cards_id AND slot_id=server_slot_id; BEGIN
         -- No need to throw exception if a record exist for this card, just update the current record.
         IF NOT csslots_assigned_cur%ISOPEN
         OPEN csslots_assigned_cur;
         END IF;
         FETCH csslots_assigned_cur INTO csslots_id_assigned;
         IF csslots_assigned_cur%NOTFOUND
                 -- Do the actual insertion in card_server_slots.
                 SELECT card_server_slots_id_SEQ.nextval INTO 
new_server_id FROM dual;
                 INSERT INTO card_server_slots

('Passed 1st statement');
                 FOR i IN 1..server_conds_id.last LOOP
                        INSERT INTO card_sslots_conds (card_sslots_id, conds_id)
                        VALUES (new_server_id,server_conds_id(i));
                 END LOOP;
                 -- Update card_server_slots table.
                 UPDATE card_server_slots SET 
 slot_version=server_slot_ver, page_version=server_page_ver,
                 page_name=server_page_name WHERE card_id=cards_id AND 
                 FOR i IN 1..server_conds_id.last LOOP
                    IF len=0
                         len := length(TO_CHAR(server_conds_id(i)));
                         s_conds_id :=
                         len :=
                         s_conds_id :=
                    END IF;
                    IF i!=server_conds_id.last
                         s_conds_id:= RPAD(s_conds_id,1,',');
                    END IF;
                 END LOOP;
         EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'DELETE FROM card_sslots_conds WHERE
 card_sslots_id=:1 AND conds_id NOT IN (' || s_conds_id || ')' 
 USING new_server_id;
 ('Passed 2nd looping statement');
                 END LOOP;
         END IF;
         CLOSE csslots_assigned_cur;
         RETURN new_server_id;
    END add_card_server_slots;
 END update_card_pkg; -- end PACKAGE BODY update_card_pkg /

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The code doesn't appear to be syntatically correct. In the code, you have two lines that appear as follows:

('Passed 1st statement');


('Passed 2nd looping statement');

These two statements will throw an error. They appear to be comments. If that is the case, then the line needs to start with '--' or the comment needs to be bracketed by '/*' and '*/' as follows:

-- ('Passed 2nd looping statement');


/* ('Passed 2nd looping statement');  */

Finally, at the end of the code are the following lines:

   END add_card_server_slots;

END update_card_pkg; -- end PACKAGE BODY update_card_pkg /

The first END corresponds to the CREATE FUNCTION and BEGIN statements. However, the second END has no corresponding BEGIN. It appears to be from a package body, yet you have included no package body.

This was first published in October 2004

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