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Migrating/upgrading Oracle database from Unix to Linux

Migrating/upgrading Oracle database from Unix to Linux

By  Brian Peasland, Database Administrator, SGT, Inc.

I want to migrate an Oracle 7.3 Unix database to Oracle10g on RedHat Linux without losing any data. How to migrate the database? Please tell me the steps.
Since you are going from Oracle 7 to 10g and changing operating systems, the best method is to use Oracle's export and import utilities. To ensure no data loss, you will want to ensure no one is making changes when you take your export. The following steps outline the basic premise of this upgrade plan:
  1. Shut down the Oracle 7 database.
  2. STARTUP RESTRICT the Oracle 7 database to ensure no one has access to the database.
  3. Perform a full export of the Oracle 7 database:
       exp userid=system file=my_dump.dmp full=y
  4. On the new server, precreate your Oracle 10g database.
  5. FTP the dump file, in binary mode, to the new database server.
  6. On the new database, precreate any users and tablespaces that you will need.
  7. Import the entire dump file:
       imp userid=system file=my_dump.dmp full=y
The export/import utilities will perform the upgrade for you.

09 Jan 2007