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Migrate Oracle 10g database from Linux to AIX

Migrate Oracle 10g database from Linux to AIX

By  Brian Peasland, Database Administrator, SGT, Inc.

I'm a DBA for an insurance company in Aruba. I would like to migrate Oracle 10g on a Linux server (RHEL4) to a IBM P Series running AIX 5L. I have alreay installed Oracle 10g release 2 on the AIX 5L operating system. What is the best approach for me to migrate my database? Could I just restore a recent backup (Linux platform datafiles) on AIX to "re-create the database"?
One of the best methods when moving from one OS platform to another is to use Oracle's export and import utilities. Since you are on 10g, you can also use Data Pump (expdp and impdp). Perform a FULL export of your database on Linux and then FTP the file in binary mode to your AIX server. From there, perform a full import. This is similar to how one might upgrade their database, but without the actual change in versions.

06 Jun 2007