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Oracle database backup and recovery

Importing from Windows to Linux

Importing from Windows to Linux

By  Brian Peasland, Database Administrator, SGT, Inc.

I am trying to do an export from Windows and import onto Oracle running on Linux. The links in OracleSearch say that the export file is platform independent. When I open the export dump file, I see references to c:oracle , etc., which is specific to Windows. Does this matter? Is there something I'm missing?
If you perform a full export of your database (FULL=Y), the dump file will contain the CREATE TABLESPACE commands to recreate your tablespaces. Since the database originated on a Windows server, the tablespaces were likely on the C:\Oracle folder.

Before you import, precreate the tablespaces on your Linux server. It does not matter where you create the tablespaces, just create them with the same tablespace name. When you perform a full import (FULL=Y), Oracle will skip over the CREATE TABLESPACE commands since those tablespaces already exist. The rest of your import will proceed normally.

03 Nov 2006