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How to apply patch to Oracle 10g on Linux?

How to apply patch to Oracle 10g on Linux?

By  Maria Anderson, Production DBA, Autodesk

I'm a junior DBA and want to apply an Oracle patch to 10g on a Linux box. I downloaded the patch but have no clue how to proceed. I'm just learning Linux too. Any help is very much appreciated.
Are you applying a patchset, e.g., to, or a one-off patch or CPU patch? The reason I ask is that these are applied in different ways. Applying a patchset usually requires the use of the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) and then running a script inside each database using that ORACLE_HOME. A one-off or CPU patch requires a Perl-based utility provided by Oracle called opatch. In either case, when you download the patch from Oracle's Metalink Web site, there are detailed instructions included about how to apply the patch. You must read through the README file included with the patch and test applying the patch or patchset in a non-production environment prior to applying it in production.

20 Feb 2007